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Understanding Your Renewable Energy Contract


Under the contract it allows us to purchase power generated by your RGS at a rate/credit determined by the FTC while you continue to purchase power at the existing electricity rate.  

If your system is bigger than 3kW you will be billed under the Buy All/Sell All billing arrangement only. For RGS 3kW or smaller, you will be permitted to choose between the Buy All/Sell All billing arrangement and the Sale of Excess billing arrangement.

Under the “buy all/sell all” billing arrangement you are billed by us (at the normal electricity rate) for all the energy you consume, regardless of the source, and will receive a credit on the bill for all the electricity generated from your RE system at the RER credit rate.

Under the “sale of excess” billing arrangement, you are billed by us (at the normal electricity rate) for what only you use from the grid and will receive a credit for the excess electricity that you sell to the grid (i.e. the electricity generated from your RE system that you did not use).

We will promptly refund you on a quarterly basis as long as your account balance is $100.00 or more in credit


The contract runs from the effective date, which is the date both parties sign the agreement, for a period of ten (20) years at which time it terminates unless you request an extension of the contract. We will send you a reminder notice six months prior to the end of the Agreement reminding you of the end date and inquiring whether you are desirous of applying for an extension. Requests by you for extensions of the contract should occur three months before the ending date of the contract.

At any time you may terminate this Agreement by giving us thirty (30) days prior notice in writing of your intention to end the contract. We can terminate the Agreement with you if you do not adhere to your obligations under the Agreement. We will first notify you in writing of your default of your obligations and give you thirty days to remedy the problem. However, if the problem persists or if the issue is not fixed then we will terminate the agreement after we give an additional 10 days written notice of termination.


It is your duty to ensure that all applicable standards and requirements are met. We ask that you notify us of any malfunctions or breakdowns of your RGS as these could cause safety hazards or damage/disturbance to the grid. You must not add to or modify or abandon your RGS or the metering system without first seeking prior written consent from us. You must not alter, modify or tamper with the RGS connection to our grid without our prior written consent. You must comply with our requests to interrupt the service of the RGS or to reduce output from the RGS to the grid. You must also permit reasonable access to the RGS or the meter or to the disconnect switch from time to time, at reasonable hours, so that we can read, or inspect meters or to effect disconnection.

You also agree to promptly make all required payments on or before the due dates for the payment.


We agree to interconnect at your location and to accept and deliver electricity to and from you. We also agree to promptly inspect and install/interconnect you to our grid. In the event that we have to interrupt service or reduce output from your RGS wherever feasible, we agree to give you reasonable advance notice of the interruption or reduction.


The RGS is owned by you. However, all equipment installed by us shall remain our property and is therefore owned by us.


You agree to notify us of any billing issues within 3 months of receiving your bill. We agree to promptly and actively investigate your billing concerns. Even if your bill is in dispute you still agree to pay your bill promptly. We agree to credit your account if your billing concern is substantiated.


The Customer-Generator shall reimburse and if necessary hold harmless the BL&P, its affiliates, directors, officers, agents and employees from and against any and all losses, liabilities, which BL&P may incur or which may be made against it in connection with the interconnection of the renewable energy generating systems with BL&P’s grid or by any breach of this Agreement by the Customer-Generator. In no event shall the maximum responsibility under this Agreement exceed the value of the insurance policy purchased by the Customer-Generator or $100,000 for systems up to 10 kW or $500,000 for systems larger than 10 kW, whichever is greater.


You agree to notify us of any concerns/issues arising under this contract. We agree to work with you to settle any such disputes. In the event that we are unable to settle a dispute within 30 days or a reasonable time, we are both free to settle the dispute by alternative means of dispute resolution including seeking relief from the Fair Trading Commission or through the courts of Barbados.

Click the attached document to download a copy of the Renewable Energy Contract

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