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Terms and Conditions of Service

What are the conditions under which a customer obtains service?

The following are the terms and conditions which are contained in a customer's contract for service:  

  1. I/We hereby apply for electrical supply to the premises indicated above subject to the provisions of the Electric Light And Power Act and agree to pay for the electricity supplied at the rates in operation from the time to time until adequate written notice is given to discontinue the service or until another customer assumes responsibility for the service.
  2. I/We understand that the terms of service for all customers on The Secondary Voltage Power and Large Power tariffs are for not less than one (1) year.
  3. I/We understand that this service is subject to the conditions stated In The Barbados Light & Power Company booklet "Information and Requirements Covering Installation of Electric Services and Meters"
  4. I, the undersigned understand that I will be responsible for payment of all bills associated with this service unless I am making an application On behalf of a company, organization or other entity registered under the Laws of Barbados, on whose behalf I am authorized to act. Where this is the case, I understand that the bills will be the responsibility of the company, organization or other entity in whose name the application is made.
  5. I/We understand that The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited reserves the right to refuse connection to anyone who has an outstanding debt with the Company and if necessary to transfer any debt owed to the Company by me/us to any electricity account for which I am/we are responsible.
  6. I/We understand that all temporary certificates have to be renewed and submitted to The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited prior to the expiry date to avoid disconnection of service.
  7. I/We agree to notify The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited prior to any change in the electrical requirements of my/our service installation and to make these changes only after the necessary permissions have been obtained.
  8. I/We understand that the meter, poles, cables, wires, etc. provided by The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited are the property of, and shall be maintained by the Company, while all other sections of my/our electrical installation shall be maintained by me/us.
  9. I/We hereby give permission to The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited for their personnel to enter on to my/our premises when necessary to access any of the Company's equipment located on these premises.
  10. I/We hereby assign the Company to cut any tree on the above property that is likely to threaten the electrical supply to any customer.
  11. I/We understand that where necessary, I am/we are required to protect my/our electrical equipment on all phases against overcurrent, low voltage, single phasing, voltage surges, voltage dips, power interruptions and electrical interference.
  12. Should you have any queries related to our terms and conditions contact us online or by telephone at (246) 626-4300.

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