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Connecting a Streetlight

How can I get a streetlight?

The Company installs streetlights on behalf of Government agencies such as the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources and the Rural Development Commission. So, if you want to obtain a streetlight through that process you would need to contact the relevant agency that covers your area. Another way to obtain a streetlight would be through the private streetlight programme where the customer pays a fee for the Company to maintain and operate the light. 

How can I get a streetlight on the private streetlight programme?

The Company will place streetlights facing the roadway on existing poles with low tension distribution lines for customers. The customer will have to advise the Company of the pole which they would like the light placed on and sign a contract for service for this light. They will then need to pay a service charge and make a prepayment to cover the first year of operation and maintenance of the light. Where the Company has to install additional equipment and/or strengthen existing equipment in order to supply electricity to the streetlight(s), the customer may be required to pay a contribution towards the cost of this work.

How much do these lights cost?

The only upfront costs are a service charge of $58.75 ($50.00 plus $8.75 VAT) and a prepayment of $175 for LED streetlights that are equivalent to a 50-watt high-pressure sodium light and $275 for LED lights that are equivalent to a 100-watt high-pressure sodium light. In December of each year, the cost of operation of the streetlight will be deducted from the prepayment and the customer will be asked to pay the amount billed to replenish the prepayment amount to the original levels by the beginning of the year.

How do I submit an application for a private streetlight?

Applications can be submitted online through our customer support portal.   Click here to apply.  You may also send an e-mail to  Please include your name, a copy of your photo ID and the pole number on which you would like the streetlight installed.  

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