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Planned Outages

Why are planned outages required?

Planned outages allow us to perform maintenance or upgrades on our utility infrastructure (poles, lines, transformers etc.) This work is necessary as we continue to provide customers with a reliable electrical supply.

Where possible, the Company does all that it can to avoid the disruption of electrical supply to our customers. However, sometimes it is necessary to turn off the power to customers for us to carry out this work.

Are customers informed when there is a planned outage?

We inform all customers who will be affected several days before planned outages. Customers are informed via notices, social media, print media and/or radio ads. This is done to allow customers to make appropriate arrangements for the period of the outage.  At a minimum, customers can expect to be notified at least 48 hours before a planned outage takes place.  

What should I do if I have a question about a planned outage? 

Contact our Emergency and Trouble Calls Section at 626-9000.  

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