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Tips for Landlords

  • When a tenant moves into your property, it is always best to have the electricity supply placed in their name.  This means that the responsibility for paying the bills remain the responsibility of the tenant until you place the service back into your name. 
  • You must notify by the Company of a new tenant by filling out the form online (click here).  Select the option which says "advise us of a new tenant".  You can also send this information via letter or by filling out a tenant advice form (scroll down to download attachment) which you would give to your tenant.  They would need to submit this to us when applying for the service to be switched over to their name.  
  • Once the Landlord notifies the Company of a new tenant, we will send the tenant a letter requesting that they sign for the service within two (2) weeks.   If the new tenant does not sign for the service by the requested date, the supply is automatically disconnected.  
  • When the tenant vacates the property, you are required to place the service back into your name.  This should be done immediately to avoid the inconvenience of a disconnection. 
  • If the electricity service is disconnected for six (6) months or more a certificate from the Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED) is required for reconnection. 
  • Please note that security deposits are required on all accounts connected to landlord panels (meters attached to common areas).   

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