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Tips for Tenants

We know that moving can be a stressful time, but having the power connected shouldn't be.  

Here are some tips for having the service connected at your new home:  

  • The landlord should supply you with a tenant advice form or letter, indicating the date from which you are responsible for the electricity service 
  • The landlords can also advise us directly that a new tenant is responsible for the power.  This can be done by filling out the form online, sending in the tenant advice form (scroll down to download attachment) or sending an e-mail to  
  • Once you receive the tenant advice form/letter from your landlord you  should apply for service immediately to avoid the inconvenience of a disconnection
  • If the landlord informs the Company directly, you will be sent a letter informing you to sign up for the service by a specific date.  
  • Applications for service can be made online, via telephone at (246) 626-4300 or by visiting our office
  • All customers with the exception of Barbadian Citizens and Permanent Residents are required to pay a security deposit.  Click here for more information. 
  • The connection fee is $23.50 for services below 200 Amps and $47.00 for services above 200 Amps.   
  • When leaving the property, you should request the service to be disconnected. Some Agents or Landlords may request that you leave the service on. If you choose to do this, please note that you will be held responsible for electricity charges incurred under your name until service is transferred to the new tenant or back to the landlord.  Should you want to accommodate your Landlord/Agent a request should be made to us online or via telephone to have the service disconnected up to the time that you are willing to accept responsibility. This date can then be communicated to the landlord/Agent so they could make an informed decision when they will sign for the service.
  • Once your service is disconnected, a bill up to the disconnection date will be forwarded to your new address
  • Any remaining deposit will be refunded to you once the final bill is settled 
  • Once you have signed for the service, never give out your account number. This should be kept private.
  • Remember you can access your bills and account information online.  Click here to find out more.   

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